NBA Draft Player Preview – Sengun, Moody, Kuminga, and Thor? Oh My Mockery of the Mock Draft.

Alperen Sengun – C, International – 6’10” 243lbs. – 7’0 Wingspan

  • Sengun is a wizard in the post with an array of moves and feet.
  • Seems small to handle all the elite centers in the NBA.

Offense 39/50:

Could be a major factor in the halfcourt, and potentially a weapon as a passer if he works more on that part of his game.

Shot Creation 9/10

  • Strong player in the post, bullies all opposing bigs and finishes through contact
  • Underrated ball handling ability, does a great job creating room in this way
  • Soft touch that guides the ball into the net easily
  • Could really use a floater or semi-pull up to fill out the faceup game
  • Doesn’t have to work hard to get entry position, this could be screwing with the evaluation

Playmaking 6/10

  • Does a good job making passes to begin play motion
  • Has a strong, quick pass to open shooters, he doesn’t look for this enough though
  • Should look for his teammates more in the post
  • Does a  good job throwing the pass to start the break

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 8/10

  • Only takes makeable shots
  • Doesn’t leverage his gravity to make defenders uncomfortable. No ball fakes in his game
  • Needs to add more variety to his offensive game

Shooting 6/10

  • Projectable shooting form that could become a weapon with some work
  • A tad slow/hesitant on the release
  • Limited film getting it off during in-game situations
  • Mostly a projection at this point, but his touch shows promise

Offensive Theory 9/10

  • Could be a foundational piece on offense, difference maker inside and out
  • Needs to improve as a passer to top out his offensive upside

Defense 20/30:

The most important aspect of Sengun’s development is his defensive upside, if he can figure it out at this end he’s going to be a major impact player.

On-Ball Defense 7/10

  • Strong downlow presence that can push smaller guys 
  • Can’t defend well on the pick and roll
  • Doesn’t have the speed to guard anyone facing up
  • Uses his verticality well to contest jump shooters
  • Pokes the ball out well against driving players

Off-Ball Defense 7/10

  • Lacks the speed to get out on switches
  • Quick hands that get steals in passing lanes easily 
  • Has the speed to be able to develop into a defender of 4’s and maybe even 3’s

Defensive Theory 6/10

  • Has upside to fit multiple roles as a center
  • He needs to be developed properly to fit on the floor
  • If he can’t figure this out, he can’t start in the league

Intangibles 16/20:

Plus athlete for his position and age, if he fills out further he could be a star.

Athleticism 8/10

  • Has good feet that get him in good position on both ends
  • Aggressive rebounder that overpowers and outworks opponents
  • If he fills out his form, he could be a dominant inside presence 
  • Needs development to be at an NBA level

Untapped Potential 8/10

  • Could be a lot of different things on the offensive end, reminiscent of Brook Lopez
  • Big potential as a shooter could define his offensive potential 
  • Needs to hit his defensive upside for it to matter

Overall Grade 75/100

Sengun has potential to be one of the better centers offensively in the league. So long as he figures it out on the other side of the floor he’ll be an impact starter.

Moses Moody – G, Arkansas – 6’4.5″ 200, 7’0 Wingspan

  • Minimal exposure, but Moody’s pick and roll offense as a ball handler
  • Reluctant shooter to his detriment

Offense 32/50:

A spot up 3-point shooter that could fit decently in well established systems. The vision gets a little hazier though if you don’t have a great ball handler to pair him with

Shot Creation 4/10

  • Nice handle to shake people side to side
  • Weaker finisher around the rim, can get bullied by bigger players
  • Doesn’t get into his form as cleanly on pull-ups
  • Slow to get to his step back
  • Moves well to find his shot off ball
  • Nice pump fake that gets his defender out of position

Playmaking 3/10

  • Decent entry passer
  • Good eyes in transition 
  • Doesn’t look for other open players unless he’s inside the arc
  • Only passes as a last resort

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 8/10

  • Single minded when he gets the ball, easily telegraphed decision making
  • Never met a shot he did not like from 3
  • Will be able to draw fouls just due to his length as a shooter
  • Find great spots outside the perimeter to spot up at

Shooting 9/10

  • Clean shooting form 
  • Quick release he can get off from several locations
  • Janky pull-up shot
  • Great free throw shooter
  • Can shoot from pretty deep

Offensive Theory 8/10

  • Would fit on most teams that has creators and initiators in place
  • Athleticism allows him to fit on any transition heavy team
  • Can not be one of your top 3 creators on offense

Defense 26/30:

A player with almost limitless potential at this end of the floor, Moody has the speed and instincts to be an instant impact player defensively, as soon as he figures out how to account for NBA size.

On-Ball Defense 9/10

  • Uses his huge wingspan to get contests on perimeter shots
  • Doesn’t have the strength to fight through screens
  • Shuffles his feet at an elite level, putting himself in recovery situations when beat
  • Uses his standing reach to contest shots from everywhere on the floor
  • Can be out muscled by bigger wings when they drive to the basket
  • Has the hands and timing to take the ball away when challenged

Off-Ball Defense 9/10

  • Speed and size make him a problem on close outs
  • Needs to find better positioning on switches at times
  • Scary on the chase down with his athletic gifts
  • Can’t guard up positions against bigger players unless 
  • Good instincts as a trapper, never leaves his man wide open

Defensive Theory 8/10

  • A perfect piece as a defensive wing who could ideally guard 2-4 pretty easily
  • If he’s able to add enough size and keep his speed at a high enough level the sky is the limit
  • Lack of heft could leave him with a harder role to fill as a wing.

Intangibles 16/20:

Moody in the right situation has the upside to be an impactful player on championship teams. He has many offensive and defensive roles he could slide into quickly.

Athleticism 9/10

  • Crazy wingspan with immense functional uses
  • Great rebounder defensively, uses his size to out battle and take away opportunities
  • Solid, not elite speed he uses to position himself well on both ends
  • Has a frame that should add strength well

Untapped Potential 7/10

  • Could reach new heights as an offensive player if he develops a handle
  • Offensively Moody likely only profiles as a role player, though it could be at an All-star level
  • Defensive outcomes could range as high as DPOY
  • His limited weight is a catch-22, either adding it could unlock a new player, or it could take away some of what makes Moody special.
  • His age suggests just added physical maturity could bring his game some of what he lacks in size

Overall Grade 78/100

Another player I did not expect to grade so highly, Moody is a player you like the more you watch. He’s got the skill to make an impact on both ends of the floor with a little improvement.

Jonathan Kuminga – F – G-League, 6’8″ 210 – 7′ Wingspan

  • An athlete with a ton of upside
  • No one skill pops for Kuminga, this is a 3 year project.

Offense 32/50:

A player with a lot of upside, Kuminga has to clean up his game a bit. But if he does, we could easily be looking at an all-NBA level player.

Shot Creation 8/10

  • Has the size to get to his spots whenever he wants
  • Gets in position well off-ball despite not moving a ton
  • Gets good post position when he tries to
  • Gets to the rim well, with or without the ball
  • Shot selection sometimes inhibits this ability, taking bad shots despite decent position

Playmaking 9/10

  • Tight Handle for his size
  • Good reading of the court, gets off passes you wouldn’t expect from his size
  • Terrifying strength and solid spin move on the drive
  • Overall, this is the most underrated part of his game
  • Should be looking for passes WAY more often

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 5/10

  • Relied to much on himself as a scorer
  • Took open 3’s too often when there was an equally open driving lanes
  • Doesn’t change his mind often/ so he can be easy to read in the halfcourt
  • Good decision maker in transition

Shooting 3/10

  • Clean form that leaves his hands nicely
  • Not the most replicable shot
  • Takes him a little too long to release the ball
  • Has difficulty getting his shot off against tight contests
  • The shot just doesn’t go in enough

Offensive Theory 7/10

  • If Kuminga dedicates himself to a singular role and cleans up his shot selection, he could be a great player in multiple ways. Could fit both a Ben Simmons or a Paul George archetype at his highest ends.
  • Does not have the cleanest fit offensively if he does not develop into an on-ball player. Unless he’s going to beef up and become a 5, which I doubt.

Defense 21/30:

A wing who can guard both down and up on the positional spectrum is a nearly impossible thing to find, and Kuminga has that upside. Unfortunately, him reaching that potential seems unlikely at best.

On-Ball Defense 6/10

  • Doesn’t appear as strong as he should, needs to do more to move guys around the floor
  • Moves his feet well, to contest most smaller players
  • Has the length and speed to catch up with guys, even when beaten off the dribble
  • Didn’t quite show the necessary effort to take guys away, hope that improves
  • Often gets lost off ball, chasing the driver leaving his man too open

Off-Ball Defense 6/10

  • Does a good job shuffling his feet and getting in position on switches
  • Gets out on late contests from the paint quickly
  • Does a decent job positioning himself in passing lanes
  • Doesn’t show enough effort after getting settled in the half court

Defensive Theory 9/10

  • The size and flashes paint the picture of an All-Defense level player
  • Lacks effort at times, but that’s hard to divorce from the G-league context
  • Could fill many roles, depending on how his career advances on both sides of the ball

Intangibles 20/20:

Kuminga is one of the most volatile prospects I’ve ever seen, you could tell me he’s an MVP or washed out of the league 8 years from now, neither would surprise me.

Athleticism 10/10

  • There is almost nothing he can’t do
  • Uses his size and strength well on the glass
  • Too fast for players his size, too strong for players smaller than him

Untapped Potential 10/10

  • Multiple paths to elite production
  • If motor improves in the pro’s the sky is the limit

Overall Grade 73/100

I honestly came into this process thinking I’d have Kuminga higher, as his upside is so tantalizing to me. The floor though, is lower than I truly realized when I began his film. I’m a believer in Kuminga though, and I’d almost expect him to massively out preform his grade.

JT Thor Forward – Auburn, 6’10” 210lbs. – 7’3″ Wingspan

  • A offensive revelation, can put it on the deck and create for others.
  • Rail thin, who is Thor going to defend? Asguard!

Offense 34/50:

A really high upside offensive player that could be a solid scorer in the NBA. As his frame fills out, he could become a force on this end.

Shot Creation 8/10

  • Can get inside with speed and finish with touch
  • Quick first step and decent handle to get inside
  • Low-level step back that could be developed into 
  • Elite speed that gets him lots of options in the halfcourt
  • Lots of his looks are created by other players
  • Doesn’t demand the ball enough when he’s in plus position
  • Nice pump fake, that could be a sign of ball skills to come

Playmaking 2/10

  • Looks for his shot almost every time he touches the ball
  • Moves well off the give and go, put the ball where it needs to be
  • Strength to put passes anywhere on the floor
  • Does not have vision that projects at an NBA level

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 7/10

  • Never met a shot he didn’t like, never really looks to make extra passes
  • Doesn’t sell fouls at all, and his size doesn’t do him any favors with refs
  • Could do more in the flow of the offense movement off ball is limited

Shooting 8/10

  • Effortless quick release both out of spot ups and off the dribble
  • Has a tendency to short rim shots, this could improve with age
  • Easy extension that gets over close outs
  • Gets into good position above the break and in the corners
  • Isn’t great at finding his spots if he’s being bothered
  • 74% Free Throw shooter showing a consistent stroke for his age

Offensive Theory 9/10

  • Such a diverse set of scoring skills that could make him a secondary scorer at the NBA level
  • He’s going to need to learn how to work more in the flow of an offense for it to work
  • Kind of the ideal stretch 4 to fit around most kinds of bigs

Defense 13/30:

Thor is far from a finished product at this end of the court, he’s going to need an immense amount of improvement to get these skills at an NBA level. That being said, we’re talking about an 18 year old prospect with good tools, so he could absolutely fill out this promise

On-Ball Defense 4/10

  • Doesn’t engage enough on the perimeter with opposing shooters
  • Can get lost and forget who his man is
  • Limited film as a post defender, as he is often chasing shooters
  • Size often intimidates inside drivers
  • Good instincts and recovery on the first jump, shouldn’t have foul problems in the pros

Off-Ball Defense 4/10

  • Has the speed and instincts to switch down positions and defend guards
  • Length and leaping ability leads to good chase down and weakside block attempts
  • Poor instincts that leave him out of position often
  • Gives effort even when far off the ball
  • Size and speed intimidates on the closeout

Defensive Theory 5/10

  • A difficult fit at the 4 if he doesn’t add size in the NBA
  • Would need to play with a strong defensive 5, unless he figures out how to exert more effort as a switch defender 
  • A ball of clay at this end, if the right defensive coach gets a hold of him he could develop into a completely different player.

Intangibles 19/20:

JT Thor is a project, but if he starts to figure even a few things out on either side of the ball he could be a good starter on any team in the league

Athleticism 9/10

  • Shows good instinct fighting to get in position for rebounds, though he lacks the heft to make a major impact here
  • Elite speed and solid leaping ability on both ends of the floor, a very functional athlete
  • Has an idyllic frame to add the heft needed to improve his game
  • Super long, uses that length well to block and extend on shots

Untapped Potential 10/10

  • Needs to learn how to pass the ball
  • Has the form and release to become an excellent shooter
  • 18 years old, one of the youngest player in the draft with the most room for growth
  • Has a frame that looks like it should fill out with just aging

Overall Grade 68/100

JT Thor seems like the guy I’m planting my flag on this year. He has the potential to start on a playoff team on both ends of the floor, even if he does need some work on the defensive side of the ball. As an 18-year-old prospect I don’t know what else you could ask for. JT Thor won’t go this high in the draft, but I think some team is going to get a steal somewhere in the 20’s.

Nico Miatello – NBA Draft Analyst

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