Gender Equality: Winds of Change in the NBA

History, social and gender equality is here and the NBA is front and center. Becky Hammon will be interviewing with the Orlando Magic and the Portland Trail Blazers. The 44 year old Hammon has been an Assistant Coach for the San Antonio Spurs. She started as a Development Coach in 2014 and now Hammon is taking over for Head Coach Greg Popovich when he has received 2 Technical Fouls. Hammon has also served as the Head Coach for the Summer League since 2015. Pau Gasol has championed Hammon’s coaching abilities. Here are Pau Gasol’s words:

I’ve been around some of the greatest talents in the NBA and 2 of the sharpest minds ever in Popovich and Phil Jackson. Becky Hammon can coach … Not coach pretty well, not just coach to get by in the NBA. She can coach flat out with the way she is able to convey her message. Whether game plan or individual player and what is needed, Hammon has the respect from current and ex-players from the NBA. Hall of Famer Tim Duncan who played his whole career in San Antonio has credited Becky Hammon in making the transition to great player, and then to an Assistant coach. High praise from the best power forward we have ever seen.

Becky Hammon has been exposed to the world of basketball pretty much at every level, starting with her collegiate career at Colorado State, where Hammon was a 3 time All-American and then played in the WNBA after going undrafted. Hammon carved out an excellent career in the WNBA after being fundrafted; she became a 6 time all star and a 4 time All-WNBA (2x First Team). Hammon finished her playing days overseas in Russia and Europe, so Hammon can relate easily to the 9th or 10th on the team as well as the superstar. Hammon has been a fighter every step of the way of her career and this particular time for her is no different.

At the time of this blog going up, Hammon has interviewed for the Portland coaching vacancy and no word when the Orlando Magic interview will be. Becky Hammon has accounted herself very well with all this media circus floating around her. Hammon has not made any public comments about the experience at all. Seems like she has adapted the Grep Popovich way through this time period.

So young women out there, here is a template. I am glad to see how we are actually seeing actual gender equality. Now it’s a step of many that women have to take along this journey for true gender equality, but this is a significant step. I hope Becky Hammon gets the Trail Blazers job. The Orlando Magic is rebuilding and void of talent. With tweaks and maybe with scouting on a guy who may be stepping out of the shadows, A La Nikola Jokic. That could help Dame Dolla get to that next level.

I would like to see Hammon with a competitive roster, so we can see her X’s and O’s strategy and how Hammon is able to maximize the talent of a true star in Dame Lilliard. Now I know there are 30 of these positions in the League. So whichever team does make the decision to hire Becky Hammon, I will cape up for!

On a side note, Kara Lawson’s name has come up for the Celtic Head Coach as she serves as an Assistant for Boston currently.

Now, let’s talk about some of the things I don’t want to hear:

She can’t coach dudes.

How is she going to be in the Locker Room?

Will NBA players (guys) respect her?

Is she going to cry when a superstar yells at her?

How does she handle player comments Post Game that might question her abilities?

Can she handle the Media scrutiny?

What happens if a player wants a trade because he doesn’t want to play for a coach named Becky!

Shut all that noise down! Becky Hammon is a hooper who knows and has honed her craft of conveying information in the arena of hooping. Period!

Same for Kara Lawson. It’s not a he/she thing, it’s a can we (together) get to the same goal thing.

I have said on numerous podcasts about my fandom for The Lakers. If you were to tell me Becky Hammon in the keystone to Banner #18? Oh yeah …. let me pack Vogel’s stuff right now. I like Vogel. No disrespect to current Head Coach Frank Vogel.

That should be everybody’s mindset … I don’t care about gender, I care about experience!

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