Draft Profiles: Cunningham, Barnes, & Suggs

Offense 46/50:

Cade Cunningham of Oklahoma State is an incredible offensive player who has limited weaknesses, not many players have this clean of a transition to being a #1 option in the NBA.

Shot Creation 8/10

  • Gets his shot off easy from all over the floor
  • Has deep bag of tricks in the half court
  • Does a good job finishing at the rim, though he could use some work driving there
  • Doesn’t excel in isolation

Playmaking 9/10

  • Excellent passer who will always find the open guy
  • Uses his gravity as a ballhandler effectively 
  • Great bag of tricks as a passer
  • Turns the ball over often, specifically out of double teams
  • Somewhat limited handle as a ball carrier

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 10/10

  • Always seems to take makable shots
  • Makes great passes to open players
  • Hesitant to pass the ball to poor shooters

Shooting 9/10

  • Easy release gets off whenever he wants
  • Super replicable form 
  • Nice step back move

Offensive Theory 10/10

  • Elite offensive player who projects well as a #1 option
  • Has the right skill set to scale down to a secondary option as well.

Defense 23/30:

Not a great defensive player by any means, but he will not be a liability for your team and will be hard to attack offensively.  

On-Ball Defense 6/10

  • Good recognition that helps him stay in place well
  • Lacks a bit of the length and size to guard up a position
  • Smart defender who makes limited mistakes
  • Will probably have to big an offensive load to make an impact here.

Off-Ball Defense 8/10

  • Has great instincts as an off-ball rim protector for his size
  • Shows excellent effort to get to the ball as well as top notch awareness
  • Limited length that can be a problem getting in passing lanes
  • Does a good job in rotations both at and away from the rim
  • Lacks a little strength and could get bullied on switches

Defensive Theory 9/10

  • Playing more off-ball makes more sense here if he’s a primary creator
  • Has the ability to protect the rim a little in a switching scheme 
  • Should be able to hide here easily, without costing his team.

Intangibles 18/20:

Cade is a truly great player who does not quite have the burst of the guys you typically see go this high. His frame shows that he could have some upside there though.

Athleticism 7/10

  • Slightly lacking some of the elite speed you’ll see from other players like him
  • Explosive, but more vertically than horizontally
  • Seems to have good stamina that will last him all game
  • Sometimes lacks the strength to go through guys 
  • High level frame that could fill out to solve some of these issues

Untapped Potential 9/10

  • If Cade develops an Iso-game, cleans up his shooting form, or gets better coming out of double teams he could easily be an MVP level player
  • Lack of top level athleticism could slightly lower upside

Overall Grade 87/100

Overall a great prospect that is bound to change the way a team plays. He can fill a plethora of creation roles, and fit on a vast majority of squads.

Scottie Barnes of Florida State does everything a franchise could want, except one thing!

Offense 38/50:

Shot Creation 7/10

  •  Great finisher inside the paint, especially due to his lack of vertical
  • Strong post-game
  • Has a strong handle that gets him to where he wants to go
  • Can’t really pull up as a shooter
  • Doesn’t have the best midrange game
  • Solid handle, but not elite

Playmaking 10/10

  • Excellent passer from all levels, maybe the best in this draft
  • His size unlocks all sorts of passing angles 
  • Strength to get passes in tight windows quickly
  • Several types of passes that he can use in many situations

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 10/10

  • Never seems to be in the wrong place or making the wrong decision 
  • Always playing with his head up, sees the floor well and makes excellent passes
  • Rarely takes a bad shot, usually in the flow of the game
  • Excellent timing around the rim, makes up for his lack of vertical ability with tricks

Shooting 4/10

  • Decent shooting form
  • Sometimes hesitant as a shooter, but not afraid 
  • Slow release that can let defense get into their contests earlier 

Offensive Theory 7/10

  • Could be a strong initiator for any offense 
  • Limited shot arsenal limits his upside to being a secondary or tertiary ball handler
  • Lack of upside as a shooter could leave Barnes without a home off-ball
  • Does enough with his size that he could fit into a Bruce Brown type role if needbe

Defense 26/30:

On-Ball Defense 8/10

  • Does a great job moving his feet and swallowing up defenders
  • Gets vertical well, contesting and intimidating his defender
  • Has the size to hold his position well
  • Lacks the footspeed to content with elite guards on the perimeter 
  • Isn’t the best at recovering when beat

Off-Ball Defense 9/10

  • Rotates well and contests or rejects often on the weakside
  • Great court vision leaves him rarely out of position
  • Plays passing lanes with great anticipation 

Defensive Theory 7/10

  • Great switch defender that fits well in most defenses
  • Works best as a big defensively 
  • Could be a difficult fit if he’s a primary creator on offense, the Ben Simmons problem

Intangibles 14/20:

Barnes has elite upside, but his fit is somewhat limiting unless he’s elite at everything he does, which is a possibility, but not a guarantee 

Athleticism 6/10

  • Has an excellent frame and uses it well despite his lack of tools
  • Not the bounciest, but times his jumps well
  • Positions himself well when rebounding
  • Lack of foot speed could be a major problem at the next level

Untapped Potential 8/10

  • If his shooting improves to a higher level, he could be a game changer
  • If he cuts some weight he could have more switch upside

Overall Grade 78/100

Jalen Suggs of Gonzaga provides versatility at the guard position. Not a high usage guy, Suggs has a knack to make right play consistently.

Offense 42/50:

An alley-oop finisher as a pass first point guard? Not a typical player archetype, but Suggs makes it work. Top notch ball handling, great passing, and shooting upside complete him as a great point guard prospect

Shot Creation 8/10

  • Not the most aggressive in isolation, though he has a good back of tricks when he get there
  • Gets good spot up placement above the break
  • Finishes well at the rim, uses his vertical ability to accomplish all sorts of shots and dunks
  • Great handle that gets quickly to the rim

Playmaking 9/10

  • Takes excellent angles and has great vision from every level
  • Great overall passing instincts
  • Excellent passer in transition
  • Sometimes gets single minded when driving, and decides to drive for a score

Offensive IQ – Shot Selection 9/10

  • Only takes chances on shots he can make
  • Makes the right basketball decision in pass/shoot situations
  • Sometimes could be more aggressive looking for his own shot
  • Wide array of moves and knows when to break them out 

Shooting 7/10

  • Slow release on the pull-up
  • Nice shot that falls often
  • Shoots from distance well and spaces the floor well
  • Has a nice spot up release form

Offensive Theory 8/10

  • Your quintessential on ball playmaker
  • Willingness to take shots keeps defenses honest
  • Doesn’t move enough off-ball to convince me he could be any less than a 3rd option

Defense 22/30:

A solid on-ball defender whose effort can set a tone for his team. Does a good job picking players pockets but rarely jumps passing lanes, limiting his true defensive upside

On-Ball Defense 9/10

  • Strong player, hard to move off his spots 
  • Capable of stripping ball handlers regularly
  • Gets into a low stance and moves well with opposing players
  • Gets good vertical contests on pull ups
  • Can lose faster guards at times

Off-Ball Defense 4/10

  • Doesn’t move much off-ball
  • Good trapping instincts
  • Gets decent contests in rotation
  • Lacking ability to slide on defense
  • Lacks some instincts in passing lanes

Defensive Theory 9/10

  • PG defense matters more on ball, and he excels there
  • More steals would help his transition game

Intangibles 15/20:

A super talented player who may lack #1 upside. His athleticism is top notch, but most of his potential for upside has been explored to some level.

Athleticism 9/10

  • Most underrated aspect of his game, he’s got both speed and vertical ability in spades
  • Move around the floor effortlessly and seemingly improves as the game goes on
  • Sometimes his quickness doesn’t transfer at the defensive end

Untapped Potential 6/10

  • Most of the ways Suggs can be used have been explored
  • Moving off-ball on offense is the last domain

Overall Grade 79/100

Suggs is a modern twist on your vintage point guard. His upside may be limited to an elite #2 option, but he could end up being one of the better ones in the league, and a multiple time all-star.

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