About Us

QuestionPoint Pod Network was established to have open and healthy dialogue about issues of the day, observations, a space to get excited about movies, TV, music, cool tech items, sports and all the passion that comes along for rooting (cape-ing up!) for your favorite team (squad). There are 2 podcasts, QuestionPoint Podcast and QP Sports Exchange that were created with you (the listener) in mind. QuestionPoint Pod Network’s goal, is to have you think to yourself,” That is what I have always been saying!” As you’re thinking those words you are getting time to laugh, see the topic through different lenses, and laugh. Come along and join us in the, “Trust Tree” and also tell a friend. Both podcasts will have a blog. QuestionPoint podcast, will have frequent posts about items that didn’t make the cut for the pod but felt strongly enough about the random item to dedicate a blurb to it in the blog. QP Sports Exchange, will bring you news in sports, thoughts and analysis on teams and players. Every month we will feature a prep athletes to shed light on tomorrow’s star as well. Now here comes the fun part, we are not done growing! Think of us as mix of “The Ringer” and Smodco! Shout out to Bill Simmons, Ming Chen, and Kevin Smith, those three men along with ESPN’s Katie Nolan that allowed us to believe this is possible. That is long winded way of saying that we here QuestionPoint Pod Network are looking for bright and passionate individuals that want to be a part of a movement that is built organically. Contact us for your ideas to be featured in your own blog or possibly your own pod.

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